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hargraveeyecenter_examIn a recent article by The Miami Herald, eyes and vision are discussed. We all know eyes are an important part of our body because they help us see the world around us. However, what some people might not realize about our eyes is that they could help detect serious health concerns. A routine eye exam could even save someone’s life- like six year old Grace Carr. Grace suffered from frequent migraines and vomiting. When her parents would take her to the doctors, they couldn’t seem to figure out what was wrong with her. One day, her parents noticed that Grace’s eyes were misaligned and they took her over to the Joe DiMaggio Memorial Children’s Hospital. At the hospital, doctors were concerned because they could see themselves that Grace’s optic nerve was swollen and her intracranial pressure was elevated. These type of symptoms could be due to a possibly brain tumor, according to the doctors.

After an MRI test that day, the results showed that Grace did indeed have a benign tumor in her cerebellum. Because of the tumor, the normal flow of spinal fluid was blocked to her optic nerve. Ultimately, the doctors were able to remove the tumor and Grace is now recovering in physical therapy. In Grace’s case, her condition is not the only thing an eye exam can unearth. Eye exams could also reveal that people are suffering from certain issues such as diabetes, allergies and eye cancer. Grace’s parents noticed that their daughter’s eyes were not normal and that they had started drifting when she was six months old. However, now that the tumor was caught early, Grace can now focus on correcting her vision. Without the diligence of her parents in addition to the eye exam, who knows what would have happened to Grace’s vision. Again, this stresses the importance of eye exams for children.

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